Zelda – Zelda is now living with her new family and 8-year-old pug sister in Carrollton. She was looking for a younger pug lady to spice up the life of her pug…and Zelda is doing just that. The pug ladies are getting along great and the family has fallen in love with sweet Zelda. Happy tails, Zelda!

Kracker – Kracker is now living with her new mom and puggle brother in Fort Worth. She met this well-mannered pug lady at Westcreek and both she and Chandler the puggle fell in love. Chandler was even dressed in his super cute sock monkey sweater to impress his new pug lady. It worked! The two are fast friends and living happily ever after. Hooray for Kracker!

Cactus Rose – Cactus Rose is now living with her new mom and pug brother in Carrollton. This beautiful girl is fitting in just fine and both her new mom and pug brother are smitten. How could they not be? She’s a sweet, stunning puggie girl! Way to go, Cactus Rose!

Smidgen – Smidgen is now living in Dallas with her new dads! This lovely lady has been through a lot…misunderstood at the shelter, emergency surgeries….but now she’s living large. They take her to the park all of the time and she prances along…turning heads as she does. They say that she is adored and already spoiled rotten….just what we like to hear. 🙂 Happy tails, Smidgen!

Ricky Bobby – Ricky Bobby is now living with his new family in Double Oak. This family (past DFWPRC adopters) has been looking to adopt another male pug after both of their last pugs went to the Bridge. In walks Ricky Bobby and it’s a perfect match! Congrats, Ricky Bobby!

Farah – Farah is now living with her new family in Frisco. This family has a very senior dog and they were looking for a laid back lady to move right in and make herself at home. Farah is doing very well and fitting in perfectly. So happy for sweet Farah!!!

Bonnie Jean – Bonnie Jean is now living with her new mom, 2-legged sister, and 7-year-old pug brother in Lewisville. They thought that their pug boy needed a special lady in his life and wanted to adopt a more senior lady. Bonnie Jean hasn’t skipped a beat fitting in. She and her pug brother are even pug piling in the same bed. Way to go, Bonnie Jean! You did it!

Chelu – Chelu is now living with his new family in Shreveport. When they first came to DFW Pug Rescue, they thought that they wanted to adopt a much younger pug. After talking to them, they decided that they wanted to meet Chelu….and they are so glad that they did! They are now super fans of middle-aged and senior pugs! The kids are enjoying playing with him….and the mom really enjoys snuggling in with him at the end of the day. Happy tails, Chelu!

Piggeldy – Piggeldy is now living with her new family, 7-year-old sheperd mix brother, and 7 year old cat brother in Frisco. They ADORE her! She makes them laugh and her cute underbite is the cutest thing ever! Her personality is really shining and they are so glad that they adopted her. Congrats, Piggeldy!

Taz – Foster failure alert! Sweet Taz is now a permanent member of the Polner family! I couldn’t be happier for Taz and the Polners….congrats guys!

Bis-Kit – Bis-Kit is now living with her new mom, dad, and recent DFWPRC adopted pug, Mocha. They wanted a sweet boy to add to their pug pack. I know that Bis-Kit will have a very happy life with this sweet family. Hooray, Bis-Kit!

Ash – Ash is now living with his new family in Frisco. This pug-loving family has been looking for a black pug boy to adopt and Ash is just fitting in perfectly! He’s fantastic with their children and loves the grooming and brushing that he’s been getting. He’s already set up for doggie classes to perfect some of his manners. I expect that he will graduate with flying colors. Yay for Ash!

Snookie – Snookie is now living in her forever home with her new mom and dad and 4-legged brother and sister. This pug-loving family has been wanting to add a lady pug to their pug pack and Snookie is the perfect addition. All of the dogs got along right from the start! They also have experience in helping pugs getting back in shape….so Snookie should be in bikini shape in no time at all. Happy tails, sweet Snookie!

Dale – Dale is now living with his new dad, pug sister, and cat sister in Salem, Massachusetts. This fantastic guy has wanted to adopt a pug from DFWPRC for some time now. He follows us on Facebook and knew that he wanted to support our rescue group when he added to his pug pack. He was extremely patient when I had difficulty finding someone to do his home visit, but I FINALLY did. Once he was all approved, he knew that Dale was the pug for him. So, he hopped on a plane today….met Dale…and adopted him. They are spending their first night together in a pet friendly hotel and will begin their journey home to Salem tomorrow. He even brought a sweater along with him so that Dale would be nice and warm when they get home. Dale will soon be pug snorting with a Boston accent. 🙂 I am so pleased that Dale has a forever home and that we were able to help another long distance supporter of DFWPRC make it happen. Happy tails, Dale!

Lainey – Sweet Lainey (now Kaylee) is now living with her new mom in North Richland Hills. Lainey is adjusting well to life with her new mom and is stuck to her like glue. Her mom thinks that she is just the sweetest, most beautiful girl ever and is so happy to have her sharing her life with her. Happy tails, Lainey!

Mocha and Bis-Kit – Mocha is now living with her new mom and dad in North Richland Hills. This shy girl is loving all of the attention that this sweet couple can give her. Shortly after getting Mocha, they took in Bis-Kit. They wanted a sweet boy to add to their pug pack. Mocha came to DFW Pug Rescue from a puppy mill. She was one of the 50-somethings we got in. She was timid and scared at first but her new mommy fell IN LOVE with her immediately! She said that adopting Bis-Kit has helped Mocha come out of her shell. She is no longer timid, and has more trust for her mommy and daddy. She said that Mocha follows Bis-Kit EVERYWHERE!!! She has to be doing and going where ever and whatever he is doing. They snuggle all the time. If Mocha gets spooked about something, he is right there to calm her down…and she does. It’s a perfect pug match! Plus they are both about the same age. Hooray for this wonderful new family!

Tory – Tory is now living with her new mom and dad in Plano. The daughter of the adopter met Tory and her mom at the dog park and she just thought that she was the cutest thing ever! She immediately called her mom to tell her all about Tory….and her mom promptly filled out an application. Ta da! A forever home for Tory!

Raven – Raven is now living in her new home with her mom, dad, and pug brothers (past DFWPRC pugs, Cee Lo and Eli Manning) in Flint, TX. They fell in love with her sweet spirit online and knew that they just needed to meet her. Raven is in a fantastic pug home and will have a beautiful life. Hooray, Raven!

Rascal – Baby Rascal is living with his new mom and pug brother in Dallas. This adopter was raised with pugs and, as an adult, has continued her love of the breed. She’s in pug puppy heaven! Happy tails, Rascal!

Tawney – Tawny is now living with her new mom and dad in Carrollton. This adopter first came to us interested in very young pugs….and then decided that a more experienced pug gal was what they really wanted. Yay! They met Tawny and she immediately made herself right at home in the middle of the new pug bed in the living room. That was it! Yay, Tawny!

Ally – Ally is now living with her new mom and dad in Weatherford. She has made herself right at home with this sweet couple and hasn’t missed a beat. They think that she is just the greatest pug ever. Way to go, Ally!

Brenna – Brenna is now living with her new family, mom, dad, and 2-legged sister, in Little Rock. Our Little Rock pug family is growing again! This sweet family drove in on a Saturday…fell in love with Brenna…and drove home with her on Sunday….with a little trip to American Girls thrown in the mix. 🙂 I know that Brenna is going to be the queen of that house and totally adored. Happy tails, Brenna!

Luddy – Luddy is now living with her new mom and 2-legged sister in Grand Prairie. This woman lost the pug love of her life not very long ago and has been craving that pug love ever since. She met Baby Luddy today and fell in love with him. She is so excited to learn more about his sweet personality as he grows and turns into the pug that he will be. Yay, Luddy!

Mopsy – Mopsy was a courtesy adoption that we completed for a dear volunteer. Mopsy, the Boston terrier was owned by the grandparents of one of our volunteers and when both of the grandparents passed away, we offered to help her find Mopsy a home. Mopsy is now living with a great woman that is very familiar with the breed and couldn’t be more in love with her beautiful girl. So happy that we could help this family…and Mopsy through this difficult time. 🙂

Jacksboro – Jacksboro is now living with his new mom, dad, and past DFWPRC rescued pug brother in Colleyville. Jacksboro was one of the pugs that came from the large rescue effort in east Texas and was such a sweet boy. At first, he was pretty afraid and slow to warm up in his new home. But now, he is blossoming into his real pug self and learning what it really means to be a cherished pug. Hooray for Jacksboro!

Neptune – Neptune is now living with his new mom and past DFWPRC rescued pug brother in McKinney. It was love at first sight for this sweet guy and he’s fitting in beautifully. Yay for Neptune!

Sylvie – Sylvie is now living with her new family, cat brother, and catahoula brother in McKinney. They had been looking for a playful, middle-aged pug lady and Sylvie fit the bill. Perfect match! Happy tails, Sylvie!

Gablyn – Gablyn is now living with her new family and past DFWPRC rescued pug brother in Frisco. They have been wanting a sister for their sweet pug boy and Gablyn’s happy personality was exactly what they were looking for. Have a fantastic life, Gablyn!

Joe Joe – Joe Joe is now living with his new mom in Dallas. Joe Joe finally found a lovely home and a new mom that loves him. I am so very happy for this handsome pug boy. Way to go, Joe Joe!

Jared – Jared is now living with his new mom and dad in Fort Worth. This retire couple had fallen in love with the pug that their daughter adopted from DFWPRC and decided to get some pug love of their own. In comes Jared! Happy tails, handsome boy!

Gizzy – Gizzy is now living with her new mom, dad, and doggie sister in Wichita Falls. They drove in to meet her and thought that she was the cutest little thing. The two girls are learning how to share their toys and be good little sisters. Yay for Gizzy!

Karma – Karma is now living with her new pug brother and family in Denton. Cute little Karma is going to have a beautiful life! Hooray for Karma!