Hello everyone! My name is Bingo and I am a 3-4 year old pug mix. When I came to the rescue I was very neglected and malnourished. As a result of this I tend to be timid and shy right now. My foster Mom is very patient with me and is helping me learn to potty outside. She also gave me a onesie to keep me warm since I don’t have a lot of fur on me currently. I am slowly but surely gaining weight thanks to her as well.  I enjoy cuddling on the couch with her or under a blanket but then out of nowhere I get a burst of energy and want to play. I enjoy the company of both dogs and cats once I get to know them. My foster Mom says that eventually I will be an excellent companion, I just need some bonding time and more TLC. Baby steps, right? My dream is to find a forever home where I can be loved and give love in return. Please fill out an application today with my name on it.