Hello pug world!  My name is Juliet with my brother Romeo.  We’re two 8-10 year-old pugs looking for our forever home.  We go together like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or mashed potatoes and gravy.  Gee, is anyone else getting hungry?  I could eat – I love to eat!!  I’m the little one (14 lbs.) compared to my big brother (20 lbs.)  My foster mama says you can also tell who I am by the mischievous twinkle in my eye.  Do you see how tall Romeo is?  He has such long legs.  I luvs my brother – he’s so much fun.  I also love, love, love squeaky toys!  My favorite thing to do is rip them apart, take out the stuffing and find the squeaker.  Then I run around playing with the squeaker – which my foster mama said is the cutest thing to watch!

Romeo and I are from Louisiana.  Foster mum says there must be a fountain of youth there because we are the most nimble 13 year-old pugs ever.  We love to run around and play, we can still jump up and down from the couch and we love to go for walkies.  We are slim and trim, young at heart and neither one of us take medication.

Hi everyone, Romeo here.  I’m a little more laid back than my sister, but don’t think I’m a couch potato.  I’m still an active guy but I’m more likely to sit by your feet while my sister plays with toys.  I luvs Juliet lots. I couldn’t be without her so we’re a package deal.  We get along great with all the other pugs in the house and we’re house trained and crate trained.  I myself prefer the human bed.  My favorite part about the human bed is resting my head on my foster mama’s pillow.  She’s not so sure about this, but she said it’s pretty cute nonetheless.

I hope you consider adopting Juliet and I.  We’re super fun and the only thing better than getting 1 pug is getting 2 pugs!  Right??  Ask for Romeo and Juliet on your application today.