Are you looking for that awesome new Pug friend? Well, my name is Pilot and I am ready to fly into your life. I am a handsome 9-year-old Fawn fella with lots of love to give.

I am a lover of being loved. I will walk around to find someone to pet me. Sometimes I sing a little song to get your attention.  A Pugs gotta do what a Pugs gotta do, sing, bark, sit close…I can’t help it! I LOVE to be petted. I also get along well with other dogs.

My foster family speaks very highly of me! They brag about my potty behavior. I get an A+ for going to the door when I need to do my business and NO accidents in the house!

I sleep in my crate at night and I walk right in like a champ! I also enjoy a cozy dog bed as well. I’m not one to jump on furniture so no worries there. I just plop where I see fit (dog bed, crate or floor) and chill.

Did someone say dinner? Boy, I hope so! I love mealtime and will bark to remind you to feed me. I gotta keep this Pug figure. No worries about my taking others’ meals. I am a gentleman!

My senses aren’t what they used to be, but that doesn’t stop me. I cannot hear and eyesight aren’t the best, but my sniffer is 20/20!  I have a special nose for food and friends to give me love. One last thing you should know, I had several masses removed but the AWESOME news is they were benign.  WOO HOO!


Bottom line is if you are looking for a laid back, gentle, adorable friend, you found me. Fill out that application at  and put my name on it: Pilot!