I hear you are looking for a new friend…how about me?!? My name is Pudge and I am an awesome 8-year-old fawn chug. I am a pretty awesome guy according to my foster family. I am a laid back and loving fella. I love to be petted and loved on. I understand that sometimes you have to get up and do things other than pet on me. Don’t worry, I won’t pester you, but once you are sitting still, I’ll be by your side for the petting!

I am pretty good about the potty thing. Sometimes I dribble a little, kind of embarrassing…no worries though because I sport this bellyband thing with no issues. I do go potty outside with no issues though. I sleep in a crate at night and will happily go in one unless I am the only one going in the crate. You have to be fair or I’ll let you know!

I do well with the other pets in the home, but I am all about the people. The other dogs can’t pet me and feed me so I don’t have a whole lotta use for them if you know what I mean! I am a gentleman at mealtime and only eat my food. I walk well on a leash and enjoy walks.

By now, you have to be ready to meet me. Here is what you gotta do: Fill out that application and be sure to put my name, PUDGE, on there so they can arrange our meet and greet!