Let me tell you a little story about a big guy…ME! My name is Buddie and I am a 8-9-year-old black Pug boy. The story is a simple one: I am awesome and I am ready for my happily ever after…that is where you come in! I guess I should tell you a little about me!

I am a big guy with a big heart. I love to be with people, really more like on people! I am a lap Pug and I don’t really care who or what is in your lap unless it is me!

My foster family says I am doing pretty darn well on the potty outside thing. I might have a miss here and there, but no Pug is perfect…right?!

My foster family does not use creates and I am fine with that. I am a good boy and follow he house rules. I love sleeping in the big bed with my pug friends. I love to snuggle up close despite the bed being big! A Pugs gotta stay warm you know!

I have a healthy appetite and make a clean plate every time! I even try to help clean the other plates, but I guess that is frowned upon.

I am fantastic on a leash and enjoy walks. With all this plate cleaning, I need them! I get along well with all my doggy friends in my foster home. I sometimes play with toys, but I am more of a lover than a player and will take a snuggle over a toy every time!

I do take a medication for a touch of arthritis and have had a recent skin issue that I am recovering from. Other than that, I am in great shape!

Surely, you are ready for this story to end! All you have to do is go to the DFW Pug Rescue website and fill out that application. Make sure you put my name, BUDDIE! I can’t wait to meet you!!