Hello friends.  My name is Baby Doll and when DFW Pug Rescue found me, I was in bad shape.  I was super skinny, had lots of missing hair and a mass on my side about the size of a softball (not exaggerating).  But pug rescue fixed me up and all that’s left is a 10 inch scar – yes, it’s huge.  If you like a little sass with your pug, I’m the girl for you.  I’m 11 years old and like to “talk” to you and tell you about my day – and always to remind you to feed me dinner.  Foster mum says I’m a little extra “fluffy” because of this but can you say no to my cute face?  I’ve never met a stranger and love to get lots of pets and scratches.  I’m one of those pugs that doesn’t like to be picked up… but don’t worry, I’m always literally at your feet so you can’t miss me.  I’m house trained and have figured out the doggie door but I prefer not to go outside without you.  I don’t hear anymore but I can see ok and like I said earlier, I am always at your feet or sleeping next to you on the bed so you can’t lose me.  One more thing – I prefer to have a friend around when you leave the house so I shouldn’t be an only child.  If you’re looking for a spunky girl to have by your side, ask for Baby Doll on your application today.